Laser Hair Removal At Seraphim Aesthetics

Anna tells us about Laser Hair removal at Seraphim

Anna tells us about Laser Hair removal at Seraphim

A team of skilled therapists at a Pembrokeshire beauty clinic is delivering an innovative approach to hair removal.

Seraphim Aesthetics prides itself on providing the very latest beauty procedures, including laser hair removal.

A concentrated beam of light is pointed at the unwanted hair and the light is absorbed by the pigment, damaging the follicle enough to prevent future growth, explains clinic manager, Anna Price.

“Lasers can remove hair for periods ranging from several months to years, much longer than the other methods. It can be carried out on any part of the body and so is appropriate for anywhere you want to be hair free, including sensitive areas such as the face or underarms.’’

Other popular laser treatments at Seraphim Aesthetics are the removal of thread veins, skin tags and moles and the obliteration of other skin blemishes.

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