Well "hello" Autumn, is your skin ready?

Well “hello” autumn .... is your skin ready?
Sad times putting the summer sun behind us, but lots of Autumn goodness to look forward to. Beach rambles with the family perhaps, or woodland walks with crunchy dry leaves underfoot.
Summer often leaves our skin dry and un-nourished, so here’s Anna, our Clinic Manager’s top tips for combating post summer skin and giving yourself a healthy autumn glow ....

“The most effective way of combating dry skin is to exfoliate.  Crystal Clear have a great gentle exfoliator ‘’Oxygen Face Polish’, for home use which can be used on all skin types”.

“The next stage is to book in a fabulous Seraphim facial.  We have a wide range on offer, but my favourite is the Luxury Booster, which does exactly what it says. The booster clears away all the dead skin cells and dryness brought on by summer, including blocked pores caused by fake tans and spfs.  I love the luxury booster for our clients, a back massage to start with, cleanse, exfoliation and décolleté massage.  Continued with facial massage and treatment mask.  Our clients leave so relaxed and feeling a million dollars, ready to face the world”!

Anna comment “At Seraphim we also offer Chrystal clear microdermabrasion, which provides an instant rejuvenated texture to give a  lift to tired skin”

“I recommend the use of a great moisturiser at home, to keep skin soft and protected.  We stock three choices in the Crystal Clear range at Seraphim – “Illuminate” for instant shine and radiance, “Intense Anti Ageing” or “No Shine Serum”.

We all think that there’s little sunshine in the Autumn, but it is certainly still there – albeit deep under cover.  Keep skin protected on your beach and woodland walks with a spf cream.  We all love a healthy glow, but attain it sensibly, and sustainably and it will take you through the autumn into winter!

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