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Below is a list of products available at Seraphim Aesthetics, for more info about our beauty products please contact us or call us on 01437 779999

Product  Price 
Crystal Clear Cleansing Gel -200ml - All skin types even the most sensitive skin – Soap free gentle cleansing foaming agents provide a deep cleansing action while moisturising complex, smoothes and softens helping to maintain moisture within the skin £20.00 
Crystal Clear Oxygen Face Polish – 100ml - All skin types – Effectively cleanses, exfoliates and smoothes the skin leaving it polished, revitalised and rejuvenated.  £24.00
Crystal Clear Mini Mask Lift – Single - Lifting, Firming, deep cleansing and hydrating. It firms and smoothes the skin within 30 minutes and it allows an immediate softening action on the lines and wrinkles leaving a youthful appearance. £22.00
Crystal Clear Mini Mask Lift – 5 pack - Lifting, Firming, deep cleansing and hydrating. It firms and smoothes the skin within 30 minutes and it allows an immediate softening action on the lines and wrinkles leaving a youthful appearance. £87.00
Crystal Clear Defence Mask – 100ml - Perfect for problem skin, rough dry skin, dull lifeless skin and oily congested skin. The Defence Mask is clinically proven to reduce the germs associated with spots and acne within an hour of application £30.00
Crystal Clear Wrinkle Erase Eye Pads – 4 pack - Instant lifting, plumping lines and wrinkles around the eyes and hydrates the delicate eye area. The ultimate treatment to instantly lose years around the eyes. £48.00

Crystal Clear Revitalising Tonic – 200ml - All skin types even the most sensitive skin types. This gentle alcohol free tonic leaves the skin revitalised and energised due to the cucumber extract and marine elements. Maintains the neutral moisture balance and help balance and help enhance the elasticity and freshness of the skin.

Crystal Clear Skin Repair serum – 60ml - All skin types especially the aging and sensitive inflamed skin.. This intense rejuvenation serum offers each and every skin type something of benefit. Alistin slows down the natural ageing process of human skin cells, helping to smooth lines and wrinkles. £36.00
Crystal Clear Reverse – 30ml - Mature sensitive skin prone to flushing, dry lifeless skin and menopausal skin. An intense anti aging treatment for mature skin specifically formulated to address the needs of menopausal skin. Reverse is an anti aging and restructuring serum that literally helps to reverse the symptoms associated with hormone deficiencies experienced by the skin before, during and after the menopause. £45.00
Crystal Clear Brightening Complex – 60ml - All skin types and skin colours. Ideal choice for ageing skin that has its radiance, skins displaying uneven skin tone, sun damage, age spots, excessive skin pigmentation marks or acne prone skin. Contains natural skin lightening actives and SPF 15 £36.00
Crystal Clear Protect and Repair SPF 40 – 100ml - Protect and repair contains vital clinically proven UVA protection that offers the protection from sun inducing ageing and introduces new technology. A complex UVA and UVB filters and anti- ageing actives offers complete protection £35.00
Crystal Clear Oxygen Body Polish – 200ml - Daily use leaves the skin beautifully smoothed and polished, providing intense rejuvenation benefits to dry and rough skin. £28.00
Crystal Clear Body Firm Complex – 200ml - Body firm complex works deep within the fatty tissue to help drain, smooth, lift and firm the skin, giving cellulite a smoother appearance. £32.00
Protein Formulas    
Created for individual nail conditions requiring specific treatment, each protein formula offers special ingredients to bond the nail layers together. The formulas build a strong, yet flexible foundation which is resistant to peeling, chipping and splitting.  
Formula 1 - for normal healthy nails   
Formula 2 – for soft peeling and weak nails  
Formula 2 plus – for excessively soft and peeling nails that haven’t responded to formula 2  
Formula 3 - for naturally hard, dry, or ridged nails  
All formulae ½ oz £17.25 
All formulae ¼ oz £11.00 
All formulae  1/8 oz £6.95 
After Artificial Treatment - This specially developed 2 part treatment nourishes and replenishes nails with vital ingredients following artificial nail removal £25.95 
Oil Therapy - A multi-purpose product, oil therapy can be used over colour polish to acid drying, on feet and hands to moisture callused areas and to nourish cuticles.  
1/2oz £13.35
¼ oz   £7.75 
1/8 oz   £5.60 
Nail Moisturiser  - Restores moisture and promotes nail flexibility  
1oz  £14.75 
1/4oz   £5.45 
Cuticle and Hand Conditioner - Formulated to rehydrate and condition the hand and cuticle area, it softens the skin but not the nails.  
4 oz £14.90 
1 oz  £5.45 
Cuticle and Skin Gel  - It can be used all over the body it is especially good on cracked dry cuticles, dry elbows, calluses or any area with dry and irritated skin  
1 oz  £14.75 
1/4 oz  £5.45 
Avocado Foot Crème - Specifically formulated for feet to aid in the healing of rough, dry or cracked skin   
4oz  £14.90 
1/4 oz  £3.35 
Non – Acetone Remover - Removes polish without stripping the nail, helps to prevent dry, brittle nails and dry cuticles.   
6 oz  £6.15 
1 oz  £4.15