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An ultra sonic facial peeling treatment is being offered for the first time in Pembrokeshire.

Pioneering beauty clinic Seraphim Aesthetics has invested in cutting edge CACI Ultra technology to deliver treatment dubbed as a 'non-surgical facelift'.

The CACI Ultra enables revolutionary ultra sonic peeling that not only smoothes the complexion but reduces scarring caused by acne. It is used to treat acne also.

Tiny electric probes emit gentle pulses to the facial muscles, encouraging toning and tissue repair. The highly trained therapists at Seraphim Aesthetics place these probes at various points around the face to tackle ageing hotspots or damaged areas. This approach enhances the skin's ability to neutralise bacteria and to protect itself from further damage.

Anna Price, manager of the Seraphim Aesthetics clinic at Portfield, Haverfordwest, said there was an important reason why Seraphim Aesthetics had invested in the Ultra model. It has a significant distinguishing feature from the other CACI machines. "All the CACI machines deliver microlift treatments but the Ultra is the only model that offers ultrasonic peeling and LED light therapy to stimulate the skin to look youthful and to tackle scars and stretch marks,'' Anna explained.

"By using a specific coloured light during light therapy, an anti bacterial action is stimulated and this has been proven to have an effect on acne, blemishes and the stretch marks.''

Seraphim Aesthetics is offering clients a special introductory offer of £65.00 for a 75 minute CACI facial. For clients who opt for a course of 10 facials costing £650, a free follow-up maintenance facial will be provided.

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Before and after CACI Ultra treatment.