Scar Repair and Anti Stretch Complex


Helps generate new skin cells and repairs the damaged scar tissue and helps prevent further stretching. It is an effective repair and preventative treatment, however, obviously the oilier or younger the skin, the more elastic it is and therefore the skin's response is quicker because it needs less elastic proteins to repair. Therefore the drier and less elastic the skin will require more long-term Anti-Stretch treatment. Stretch marks cannot be eliminated completely. However, it has been seen in clinical practice that one can make them look a lot better and proper early care lessens the impact and helps prevent further damage.

Our aim is to deeply nourish the skin to start with, penetrate through to the dermis and heal, thicken and re-elasticize. With continued use the skin will become stronger and more elastic, giving one the ability to stretch more without damage. Anti-Stretch penetrates through the epidermis (outer horny layer of skin) down into the dermis regenerating new cells. It is a 'prevention as well as a treatment', the healing plants and our special Elastin, work synergistically healing and repairing the skin. We help to eliminate the incessant itching associated with stretch mark development, thus helping in the prevention process. One must allow 2 to 3 months to see improvement, this varying again on the age and elasticity factors.

Single Treatment £100.00
RegimA recommends 10-20 treatments